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I'm an experienced wildlife cameraman and director. Through a ten year experience in the industry, I've developped a whole range of skills from long lens, macro and high speed camera work, timelapse motion control, to studio setting and lighting.

That is for the selling part, but how did I get here?


I discoverded nature around 5, a fishing rod in hand. Back then, as a wannabe hunter/gatherer, my sole obsession was to catch fishes. Only much later I understood why I needed to spend so much time along this river: the sense of mystery. What's secretly wandering beneath the surface? Each catch was an encounter, with the magic feeling of having access to the unknown. An adventure at my doorstep!

Since then, the fishing rod has been switched for a still camera, and an academic background in behavioural biology led me to South Africa: direction the Kalahari for a field project studying Mongooses social relationships. One year in the bush in a remote scientific community that definitely changed my life...  There, I met several wildlife filmmakers at the top of their art. Encounters have the power to change your life, as long as you're ready to make the turn. Ready I was and I think that's what I was unconsciously waiting for. I came back from South Africa with a way to mix my two passions for nature and photography: wildlife filmmaking.

Today I'm among the lucky ones, who can say they make a living of their passion and are still running after their child dream.



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